Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Apple Care: and how it increases longevity

"geek out" time:

I called Apple Care today to get support for a faulty macbook battery. As usual, they were very friendly and easy to understand. A new battery is being shipped as we speak, free of charge.

But, the neatest thing of all was this: while I was on hold (about 30 seconds), the music in the background was NOT the disgusting, bastard child of White people's love of Black people's music mixed with Valium that we have come to label smooth jazz. Instead, I was happily surprised with SoCal's own Less Than Jake playing, "Motown Never Sounded So Good."

This really has no bearing on general customer service quality. But for me, the avid LTJ fan that I am, I take this to heart and continue to be impressed by Apple's business model and the all around way they have reshaped their corporation. Kudos Steve Jobs, event though you are a brilliant, yet cranky man with a complex.

(Less Than Jake)

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