Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I did not get a call to substitute today, so here is what I accomplished on my day off:

downloaded every My Morning Jacket album that I don't own
wrote 1.5 of my 2 essays for the Peace Corps
tutored the Choi boys (That should be a band name)
watched the Nova
packed for college reunion in SF trip 2008
looked up as many different ways to make a martini as I could find in 15 minutes (this time, I settled on the "classic" recipe)
3 parts gin
1 part vermouth
1 twist of lemon
stirred and served up

Note: some say a modern martini has a gin/vermouth ratio of 5:1. WARNING: if you are not a seasoned martini drinker, approach this ratio with extreme caution as it will clean your freaking clock!

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