Thursday, September 2, 2010

Goodbye Summer heat! Hello Autumn (but not really autumn) Heat!

In light of all this discussion about climate change, I would like to comment:

Yesterday was really friggin' hot.  I mean, plastic must've melted somewhere in Bartica.  I mistakenly left the tub of margarine out on the table long enough for the sun coming through the back door to liquefy the entire thing.  Not to mention the fact that my brain felt liquefied.  You know it's hot when the Guyanese start complaining.

Strangely enough, this year delivered a quite pleasant August.  It was hot, yes, but manageable and the rain was abundant enough to cool things down so that people didn't wander into the river with heat stroke (ok, I exaggerate a little, no one wanders into the river with heat stroke, but they do wander into the river out of sweating and sticky discomfort!).

But let's be honest here.  Not once since I've been in this country have the seasons gone according to their natural rhythm.  I mean, I've asked dozens upon dozens of Guyanese about the seasons and everyone has come back with some observation that the seasons are shifty.  In my case? August ends this past Tuesday, Wednesday magically becomes the hottest day of this year and I inversely become the crankiest I've been this year.

We are so screwed if the world gets hotter, cause I do not enjoy being cranky.

If it seems like there has been a lapse in blog entries, it is because there has been a lapse in blog entries.  Sometimes summer seems endless.

my endless summer in Tobago looks like this: click me

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