Monday, June 21, 2010

Canadian Diaspora Project


This month holds the last few weeks of the academic year in Guyana. It is crunch time as the three VSO volunteers in my community and myself try to squeeze in our last few projects and workshops before the school year ends. This includes a regular diaspora project that is funded by CUSO (Canadian University Services Overseas) and sends down a wonderful Guyanese born Canadian poet named Peter Jallal.

Together, we have feverishly pulled together week-long programs to the riverain communities surrounding Bartica. These programs offer students at primary schools a chance to develop and practice their critical writing skills and story telling abilities. We supplement this with creative writing exercises and group discussions that demonstrate the power that creative writing can have to a classroom.

It is one of my favorite reoccurring projects we do in Bartica. Peter is a superb writer and story teller. He is filled with enthusiasm and tells stories with his whole body. I've been recording our work in schools and hope to edit it all together for a presentation as well as something for Peter to take back to Toronto with him.

I'll write again as soon as things settle down.

Miss you all!


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