Tuesday, April 6, 2010

XTREME mine please

Another great email from a fellow friend.

Brad is a World Teach volunteer from Dallas, TX, who lives in Bartica.  He provides us with endless amounts of information on economic politics, sports, story characters like Jame Gumb, and most importantly, Texas.

"Normally I wouldn't look twice at a truck like this because it's just normal. However, having been living outside the US (mainly outside of Texas) for several months, a truck like the one below is not normal to me anymore.

To give you a frame of reference, the guy trying to get out of the truck is 6' 5". By the way, the trailer hitched to the beast was twice as long as the truck AND had a plasma TV installed on the side of it.

I tried to get everything in one pic but it wouldn't fit.

Oh, license plate of the truck...XTREME

For the record, my Glock 9mm is less than 12 inches from me in my console. And, yes, it's loaded with one in the chamber.

God bless Texas,


For only a dollar more, I'd get mine XTREME.

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