Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Crunchy, Granola, Tree Hugging Hippie!

I finally got my first issue of GOOD magazine sent to me from home. Yay!

Aside from being an overall good magazine, GOOD is one of my favorite ways of staying connected to the world down here. This summer's issue was all about water and I've included some thought provoking links below. Conservation is something I believe a lot of American's are not used to, or even believe to be unneccesary. Yet, the facts seem have been on the table for quite some time and they are very visible down here in Guyana. I hope you find these interesting!

GOOD articles worth reading for August's hot month:


Since I take bucket baths and wash my clothes by hand, I feel I have the authority to includ this link:

It's heating up down here, too. Luckily our raining season is still here.

PS If anyone has any great interactive posters that are educational, vibrant, or if you simply just have something you think would be great for kids to look at, I would love to have them to put up on the walls of the resource center I've been working at. You know, Natl. Geographic, History Channel, etc.

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