Sunday, November 4, 2007


It's apparent that I'm horrible at keeping a blog. The good thing is that as long as the Internet doesn't break, run out of gasoline, disappear, etc. I can always come back and write.

Let's add a point to the side in favor of modern technology with the aforementioned reflection.

Would teaching English in China for a year be a good idea or an excellent idea? I'm going to research the pros and cons of this. Someone told me there's a lot of lead over there. I suppose that is a con - minus one. I will balance it out with this comment: The food has got to be amazing - plus one and a half.

So far, it's looking like a good idea.

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Ashley said...

china? that's random - you need to elaborate on where that idea came from!

A View from the Middle said...

1. I can't believe I can leave a comment without being a blogger
2. the comment i am leaving is from a blog i haven't written.
3. you are totally responsible for getting me addicted to
4. I have submitted ashley's wish list to
5. can you belive you are such an influence in my life?
6. i miss seeing you
8. China? are you mad?
9. I can't believe we met you at orientation, and yet you became such an important person in Ashley's life.
11. still miss seeing you