Saturday, September 29, 2007

Popcorn and Ibuprofen

I am excited to sit down and finally write. I am past due for writing blog entry two. But! there is good reason for this. Bear with me, it's a long one.

It has been quite gloomy out today with some misting here and there. I feel like the climate in Southern California is like a closet homosexual not knowing whether to come out or stay in. By all means I love the cloudy and cold weather, but when it is like this for a few days and then heats up to 90 F for a half week only to return to gloom, I begin to worry if mother nature is heading towards menopause. To be honest, though, it has been nice to get some gloom; I'm anxious for fall to begin.

So, let me bring you up to date on how my week has been. Sunday evening was spent having dinner with family friends and being wowed at how grounded and down-to-earth these people are. Dana (pronounced Donna) and Scott are both in the movie industry. The normal, yet, very enlightened persona of them and their friends was very refreshing and reassuring for me. I say this because my stereotype of movie industry people is a negative, and probably unfair one. Scott and Dana defy every notion of this stereotype. Which stereotype you ask? Oh yes, that would be the Los Angeles LOOK-AT-ME mentality in all its banality and narcissism. But let's not digress. In short, I had a wonderful time with them and Scott was happy to talk to me about my interest in film and music. He eventually invited me to come onto the movie set he is working at to meet the sound supervisor (which is one position I would aim for).

So the following day, I drove out to the Riviera Country Club where the set was located (very fancy/luxurious and in the Pacific Palisades). Scott is working on Will Ferrell's and John C. Reily's new comedy. The following hour consisted of these events: I met the movie's sound supervisor who talked to me about his job; I watched Will Ferrell and John C. Reily shoot a hilarious scene with penitentiary convicts at a wedding reception, and I was able to talk with Scott about the movie biz. His willingness to counsel me on finding my path gave me such a good feeling!

It. Was. So. Surreal.
I felt very out of my element.
Whew, that was just Monday.

Tuesday I had my interview with the school district and it went really well. They proudly handed over my new substitute packet and asked me to fill out all the paperwork before my training session on Oct 8th. The beginning is near; I am going to be a substitute teacher. My afternoon was spent at my first tutoring session. David and Josh are 13 year-old Korean twins who need help with their English speaking, writing, and reading. They are both very timid but smart.

On Wednesday, I started filling out teaching paperwork and set up some necessary appointments like getting my fingerprints taken and having a physical *cough, cough*. The school district is also going to do a background check and a drug test on me. I should remove my pictures from facebook.

Wednesday night I saw the Klaxons play at the Henry Fonda Theater in LA with my friend Analise. Talk about enjoying some AWESOME new rave/dance/euro-indy rock! I know, genres are useless... I highly recommend seeing these Brits and their disco fever. People were going crazy in the pit and, at the concert's end, I left covered in sweat that came primarily from the handfuls of people who were all around me. I proudly smelled like a mixture of cologne and perfume from fifteen different brands. I love mosh pits. I love showers after mosh pits.

Right after the show, I drove to Santa Barbara and spent the night at Eduardo's apt. Thursday morning I met with my professor and FINALLY had my senior thesis signed off. I am now, officially, a UC graduate. *I am throwing confetti into the air as you are reading this. Please take a moment to visualize.

The rest of Thursday was spent wading in traffic as I returned to Los Angeles and tutoring the Choi boys. This time I was able to make David and Josh laugh. They asked some good questions about American social norms and codes (which are very different and, in some cases, the opposite of Korean culture). I found this a fascinating discussion, even with the slight language barrier that exists with both of them and me. At the end, their mother gave me two HUGE Korean pears to take home and enjoy. I asked her if I could return the favor and bring something from my house. She agreed and I left feeling very fulfilled.
Thursday night, I went running with one of my childhood friends, Chris Sedhom. The run was an excellent demonstration of how OUT-OF-SHAPE I am and now I am extremely sore (a feeling I love). I am going to continue running with him as he trains for a 5k later this fall. Chris and I grew apart during college and have since reunited. As friends it feels like we are picking up right where we left off. His affinity for debate and philosophy makes for great conversations in the midst of wheezing, coughing, and drooling all over myself. Coach Shaw would be riding my ass right about now. Mile repeats anyone?

Friday night, I went out with friends to see, "I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With" at the Fairfax Regency Theater; right on the corner of Beverly and Fairfax. I was introduced to this establishment by my friend Rachel. Not only do they charge a mere $3 for showings anytime before 6pm, and $6 for showings after that, but, Rachel pointed out that there is a Banksy stencil on the sidewalk in front of the theater. Thanks Rach! The Fairfax Cinema will be my new favorite thing to do because they play obscure movies, late releases, and they have midnight showings of great cult classics like, A Clockwork Orange, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Shaun of the Dead, etc. Starting a weekly movie viewing with friends is in order. SIX DOLLARS!

So, now it is Saturday morning and I just came back from watching my neighbor Nisa, play AYSO soccer. Females can be so violent when it comes to team sports. These girls are 7th and 8th graders, and MAN, did they get nasty near the end of the game. Does this mean that little third graders will kick me in the shins if I do a poor job as a substitute?

I better wear some shin guards.

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Ashley said...

I love hearing about all your LA adventures Chris! I'm so excited for you about the job, and you didn't even TELL me last week that you went to a movie set! Awesome!

Christopher said...

I know... I wanted to keep it low profile because I'm not one to brag... OR AM I, HA HA HAAA!