Sunday, January 10, 2010

To the Mob

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Mabaruma (see link here).

There will be some working and some playing.  The Literacy Professional Development Course is to be introduced in Region 1 this year with the help of NCERD (the National Center for Education, Research, and Development).  The literacy course began in Region 6 (just south of Georgetown on the coast) by a VSO volunteer some years ago.  It has since expanded to Region 7 where I have helped VSO continue its success in training teachers how to effectively teach literacy to their children.

So, I'll be presenting the training modules to the PCVs in Mabaruma this week, as well as visit the resources center and share some ideas around.

Outside of that, I'll be eager to get out and hike some with my friends who live and work there.

Dear Eureka,
Sorry you had an earthquake.  Don't worry, you're still a part of California... which is what's most important.

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