Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Google search "Post Cards from yo Momma". It's a great read.

Look, I had to post this email because of how much caring, yet incredibly comical joy it brought me.  Let me first direct your attention to the Halloween blog previously posted in which I mentioned my parents (please scroll down to read the end of that entry). 

Ok, now that I've covered my bases from near direct beratment from the parentals, you may read on.

FYI: the typos mentioned in the below text refer to my sloppy job on the Halloween blog.


"There were a bunch of typos - hope you don't mind. 

Dad says when you go swimming in the river, don't pee. I will send an excerpt from River of Doubt - Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey with more information if you want.

The fish in question is a CANDIRU, a "tiny, almost transparent and the only other animal besides the vampire bat that is known to survive solely on blood...most species are only about an inch long".  It "wiggles its way into a urethra".  In a  controversial and widely discussed theory" it is attracted to urine streams and follows the stream to its source, slips inside , sinks its spine in the soft tissue and gorges on the host's blood.

Now I have both my kids disgusted with my scare tactics.  Yesterday, I told Alexandra to be extra careful on subways, etc., be diligent if she gets a cold so she doesn't get swine flu and then related a scarey story. Hey, I am your mother; this is my job, especially when you are both so far away. 
Also, you be careful with flu symptoms - you are the one in our family who seems to get it the most.  If you feel sick, get a cold, pay attention to it and DON'T LET IT GET WORSE.  Young, healthy adults are dying from this flu.
I'm done.

Knowing you are having a GOOD day with your friends-
xx  mom"

I was talking about this with PCV down here about five months ago.  He mentioned witnessing the removal of one of these fish from a miner.  Jungles are so fun!

Thanks for the warning, Mom.  I love you very much.

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