Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Well, it is Halloween today and I shall write to you more casually than normal, even though Halloween isn't usually about being casual.

Halloween is not a big deal for the Guyanese, but it is as good an excuse as any for the Brazilians in Bartica to party as they seem to collect holidays for this purpose alone.  But today is kinda quiet for me.  Not in the sense that I'll enjoy some good R&R with friends here.  But, in the sense that this holiday has always been one I look forward to every year with friends and lots of partying.

For the past I dunno how many years, I have spent Halloween with my best friend, Brandon Shafer.  But this year is different.  Instead of coming up with some strange and funny last minute costume ideas with my buddy, B, and then heading off to a friend's house or throwing a big party-dance bash somewhere, I've got the day to reflect on all the good ones I've had.

So, this year I will stock up on Halloween spirit (and drink spirits instead).  And to see this decision through, I decided to phone Brandon today to reassure him that in two years time he and I would, again, share a wonderful Halloween weekend with all the sin and smut that goes with an American holiday.  But, that was before he mentioned (with a half-assed sympathetic tone) that he was invited to the Los Angeles Playboy Halloween party as a VIP guest (pass entry, do not pay the $100 cover, drink for free, mingle with the bunnies, etc.).

...(sighs) It looks like my humbled outlook has been slightly shifted. 

You bastard.


Let me shuffle my papers like a beautiful news anchor.  Hold please*

*shuffle, shuffle.  Glancing look off to the side.


In other news, I will be running 7 miles with my friend Brad tomorrow.  My half marathon in Barbados is a little over a month away and I'm still working on kicking my habit of drinking coke, eating fried food, and drinking.  Looks like this will be one of the most unhealthy races I've ever run.  Good thing Barbados is flat and good thing I know of a place in Barbados that has an All-You-Can-Drink bar for $10 to reward myself after my 13 miles of glorious pain.

This 7 mile run will be at 4:30am.  After the run I'll shit, shower and shave and then prep our house for our Day-After-Halloween/Chris Olin's 26th birthday party bash.  And don't you dare make any comments about the above mentioned.

The party tomorrow will have pizza, chili dogs, and potato salad.  There will be an appropriate amount of beer and rum and some vodka.  We will be bobbing for apples, pinning the tail on the donkey, playing a giant game of twister, and doing all other sorts of things in proper Bartica Party Manner (BPM for all you government workers reading my blog for content - governments LOVE acronyms).  Nevertheless, it will be a good day tomorrow, and I wish all of you could be here to enjoy the day with me.

I hope that America has a great Halloween - complete with lots of sex*, dancing, candy, living, loving, and taking care of each other.  Oh, and lots of cute little kids tricking and treating their way across the fields of suburban forclosure.  Hope Fall is falling wonderfully.  It's hot here.

Miss y'all,

*protected and consensual goes without saying

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