Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Shower of a Lifetime

Ah yes, the magnificent Kaieteur Falls, the jewel of Guyana's rain forest preserve, 23,400 cubic feet per second (663 in cubics meters) of glorious, pristine, South American water dropping continuously for 741 feet (226 meters).  This destination is now on my horizon.

In a last minute decision, I decided to join a band of gypsies heading overland to backpack Guyana's famous waterfall and national park - well, they're so much gypsies as they are various VSO volunteers mostly from the U.K.  I just like to give them Brits a hard time.

Kaieteur Falls is the worlds "largest single drop" waterfall (not to be confused with the worlds "tallest single drop" waterfall: which I believe is Angel falls in the Amazon).  I'm probably going to try to take a shower underneath it and come out with one less layer of skin.  But, it will be totally worth it for retelling a story of adventure, high risks, death defying escapes from poisonous tree frogs, romance with some hot rain forest vixen, espionage with some spy liaison (absolutely not!), rum, and a ghost story about El Dorado.  Think of what the friends and family at home will say!

Our plan: hike five days in to see the falls and camp at it's edge (not close enough to fall over), and then fly back to Georgetown.  Then, our plan is to make a movie out of our trip, include some actors like: Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Danny DeVito, and throw in some guns and a giant stone that looks like it was made out of plastic, but is probably a blood diamond (at which point we'd have to use a stand in) and, "Voil√†!" It's a blockbuster!

The trip is gonna be bitchen, no doubt.

Don't wait for me America, I may never return!

Wikipedia's overview: Kaieteur Falls

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Sarah D said...

Ahhhhh! I want to go with you! I need a shower real bad!! :)