Friday, July 10, 2009

Belated Fourth of July

Clearly that last entry was a bit over dramatic. Hah, talk about being in a dark place. Let's just say I had a week-long Scorping out because sometimes Scorpios disconnect altogether.

Our PDM conference is over and the Guy 20 volunteers are in "towng" for their mid service. We've had a/c, hot showers, free food... Since the Embassy cut their budget, they couldn't afford to host a party on the 4th. so, Peace Corps threw one on the 9th instead at the Ambassador's house where we swam in a pool, ate burgers, baked beans, potato salad, drank rum, and celebrated America's independence. It was much needed and Guy 21ers had a chance to mingle with Guy 20ers.

I'll be heading back to my site this weekend and back into the good life where I don't need to shell out money for a taxi everywhere I want to go.


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Sarah said...

Hey friend-sounds like you're going through the regular ups and downs of living abroad! Glad to hear there was some 4th of July frivolity to cheer you! I think of you every Saturday and hope you are well! It must've been so weird to see the MJ stuff on GuyTV! 3 of my friends were singing in the choir so I was glued to the whole memorial service! And I turn on my tv about twice a year! :) It was rad! :) Anyway, know you're missed and being thought of! :) Can't wait to hire you at the BCFM when you're back! :)