Monday, May 18, 2009

Venom is not that nice

Yesterday I almost stepped on a Labarria. This is one of 4 venomous snakes in my area

Here's what it looks like (third one down):

Funny thing was that there were nine of us on that hike and I was bringing up the rear. Everyone else walked right by him. The poor thing had to be killed with a cutlass so that it wouldn't bite the unsuspecting children that play in the forest. Our guide, Terry, told us that Labarria can bite up to seventy times in one minute.

Sorry buddy, it wasn't my decision. Terry was the one who had the cutlass.


Sarah said...

Hmm, that looks fun! Did you see the rattler in my b-day campout pix? We didn't have go kill it, just "relocate" him. Sorry about the loss of your friend...hmmm, sounds shady shores to me!

Jules said...

ahhhh snakes! be careful!