Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Natural Bug Repelent

Btw, I'm starting to look like a Bedouin herdsman from the neck up. It's glorious and I plan to let it grow until someone tells me I look hideous... then I'll hide food and secrets in it.

PS would someone try to track down the address for Free Birds Mexican place in Isla Vista? Weird request, I know. Speaking of requests, here are some other ones if anyone is interested in contributing to the "Chris-on-$3-a-day-fund.":
  • Does anyone have spare carabeeners they can loan to me?
  • I'm also hoping to receive board games at my site like: Risk, Apples to Apples, Stratego, Taboo, etc.
  • Anyone have an old PSP or other portable gaming device they want to get rid of?
  • Maps, maps, maps, maps. I love em and want em. Send me one of your city!
  • Postcards from you and blank postcards to send since the ones here are near non-existant and uber expensive

I'm going to make a proper wish list. Keep an eye out!


Her Imperial Highness said...

I have bought bunches of postcards and if I don't get time to write them all and mail them to you, I will definitely send you the blank ones and you can mail them to other people!

Jules said...

I went to send you a post card and then realized that there isn't a postal code on your address. Does that matter?

Koreeeeeen said...

879 Embarcadero Del Norte
Goleta, CA 93117
(805) 968-0123


Laura said...


Adam said...
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Adam said...


Sorry for the delay in joining the chris olen fan club, but Laura took her sweet time in giving me your info. Hope you're doing well and Laura and I will be sending you a care package soon. Take care.

Brandon said...

I have a Sega Gamegear you can have... it only takes 6 batteries and I have like 2-3 games.

Its yours!