Monday, April 20, 2009

Like a virgin

Today my host mom ground beans and made fresh-brewed coffee. I had no idea coffee beans existed. I came downstairs and was hit by an aroma so familiar that my knees buckled in an auto-Pavlovian response and I almost fell to the first floor. It was as if the clouds parted and rays of pure joy scented with java wafted into my nostrils and ignited the power of a Clydesdale my body.


is all I could muster, like some 10th grader trying to understand the concept of chlorophyll in plant cells on a Monday morning. My head jerked in a very unnatural fashion as my physical self prepared for what had been rudely taken from it two months ago. My brain, however, understood what was happening to my body and gripped hard on the reigns to keep the horses at bay; I was not about to lose control. Yet.

"Good morning, Desiree"

"Good morning Christopher"

"What is that smell?" (You idiot, you know what that smell is. Stop grinning like a school boy and search for its point of origin. This is the real stuff, not the instant Nescafe you've been feeding me for the past 7 1/2 weeks. What are you doing? Move!)

"I made some coffee dis marnin', she comin' off the pot jess now."

(Oh lordy, karma does exist) "Wow, I didn't even know they sold coffee beans here" (You are such a moron, go play out on the highway)

"Yeah man, you can get it in town or at the market if you know where to look. But dis come from Mr. Joseph's sista in town. She knows how much Walter likes bean coffee. You want some with your brekfass?"

(Yes!) "Naw, I wouldn't want to take away from Walter's treat." (I am going to kill you)

"Don't be silly man, I made some for you, too."

"Oh, all right. It does smell good." (Of course it does you buffoon, it's real coffee. You'll pay for this)

The mind cannot live without the body and the body cannot live without the mind. But together, it seems that they are always trying to separate from each other in some drawn-out sibling rivalry. Needless to say, the simple things in life truly are simple. So is addiction.

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Her Imperial Highness said...

Maybe Miss Desiree & Mr Walter would like us to send you some coffee beans? Maybe you would like that too?