Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another quicky?

And Darrick Thomas...

If you can find a way to send me Lost on DVD as well as that fabulous slide show you presented at the Bon Voyage, I will forever be in debt to you - not including the "I forgot my wallet in Santa Barbara and realized it only when I was out of gas in Ventura and you had to save me" incident.

If anyone else has episodes of "It's Always Sunny in Philly," "Arrested Development," "The Adventures of Pete & Pete," or anything else deemed "important to watch," please feel free to send DVDs in a care package. I will repay you in Guyanese cooking, scouts honor.

Monday is a national holiday for Easter. There will be kites in the air all over the place because that's what Guyanese do for Easter; they make and fly kites.

Go Dodgers!


Laura said...

C O!!!!! chrissstopherrrr olllllllinnnnnnn.....wish I....could be in guyana with you...but I'm I stalk your blog and pretend...


P.S. I saw Britney Spears in concert and she was are so jealous :)

Eduardo said...

so it occurred to me that you are no longer answering your cell phone, nor replying to text messages...and that you have in fact fled the country and have set up shop in a foreign land and now update this thing called a blog.

first of all, where do you come off?
secondly, who do you think you are?
third, how could you even think for a moment that this is okay?
lastly, don't you even dare!

but more seriously, i just "googled" (whatever that means) what blogging is, and i was directed to a thing called "twitter" may you've heard of it?? i don't know what these kids are coming up with these days, but times they are a changing...and i don't like it! did you know that this Obama character is trying to force GM and Chrystler Motors into bankruptcy? this man on the bus told me that the government has a secret base in New Mexico, area 51--i think its called, and they have an alien space craft there and all kinds of gizmos and stuff. you know, its been getting hotter every year and earlier in the year, why is that? people think they can just do whatever they want and it doesn't affect others and everything's okay. have you seen that Michael Phelps kid? wooweeh! it turns out that no matter how hard you try to be good at something, there's always someone better. don't ever let anyone tell you you're not good enough. they say the grass is greener on the other side. some day, boy, some day...

anywho, stay out of trouble. tell the family i said hello.