Thursday, September 20, 2007



Well, it's been one month and quite a lot. A lot of what? A lot of things.

I have yet to write a single post for my blog... something that I promised myself I would complete in August. I realize the neglect has put me in hot water. You see, my dear friend Ashley, who has recently moved to wonderful New York City, put a link on her blog directing people to my blog. It seems that people have been clicking on the link that says, "Chapters and Opinions" and following it to my page that has neither... Do take time to process this image in your head.

In some ways it is a humorous prank for anyone who actually follows Ashley's link, expecting to read the juicy, captivating chapters and opinions of my life. The life of Christopher Jon Olin.

But, in my defense, life has been very busy for me and there has been tons of juicy and captivating material worth writing about. Like: rearranging my sock drawer, reading the latest AARP magazine with my parents (with whom I live), mowing the lawns, and auto-biographically organizing my record collection. Auto-what? Watch High Fidelity and you will understand my compulsion.

But enough about me, let's talk about this summer; and a little about me. To be more specific, I have been by my parents side this summer helping them build a house in Oregon. This has been a dream of theirs ever since they began their careers as school teachers. How they have the money to build a house, I have no idea because last time I checked teachers make dirt. Nonetheless, they have succeeded and it has been quite an experience for all of us in the Olin family.

Since I am no longer a college student I have decided to take advantage of this situation and work side by side with my father. When he is not teaching high school students how to solve equations, run a mile and pick their noses my father is building something. Anything. The chair you are sitting on while reading this was probably made by my dad (he's that good at making things). So, naturally, I see this as an opportunity to learn from him. This year will be ceilings and tile and, no grout about it, I've always enjoyed having a hand in his projects. As you may have learned from western history, carpentry is an excellent profession and the skills you learn last a lifetime. No, my father is not Jesus, but, if you saw the ceiling he and I just finished working on you might say it's... divine?

Let me be serious here and say that I am really enjoying this and I believe
everyone should spend time learning a trade or craft, no matter how much money you make a year.

Outside of my apprenticeship with the craftsman trade I am also pursuing a job in the education field. On Tuesday I have an interview with my local school district for a position as a substitute teacher. If I get the job I will most likely be torn to shreds on my first days of work only to spend the lunch period searching for super glue. I am truly excited to be thrown in the mix and I have the best mentors in the world helping me prepare; Dad's assertive demeanor and Mom's maternal instinct.

Tutoring will also be a source of practice for me. Not to mention an additional form of income to help pay off those interminable loans. Hey, if you need help with assignments don't hesitate to contact me! I kid... partially.

Tonight I've got a date with KCRW. I've applied for a volunteer position at Santa Monica's public radio station for a few reasons. One: public radio is just as amazing as it is underrated. Two: I love the music KCRW plays. Three: I want to get my foot in the door and work with LA's music and film industry. Networking is the key to success when it comes to LA's art scene and I intend on rubbing my elbows until they are raw. KCRW put me on a waiting list and tonight they extended an invitation to me. I'll take the opportunity to charm them and maybe get my name bumped up a few slots.

It's raining in LA and I am going to take this time to reflect on how parched Southern California is. Apparently global warming is a farce.


PS. If you have a free minute and are familiar with my town, please listen to the beginning of this Saturday's episode of Off-Ramp. The fabulous Mr. Garrison Keillor delivers a quick blurb about LA: Off-Ramp

Oh, and don't worry... my parents aren't the old farts I make them out to be. We rock out regularly on Sunset Blvd. and throw ragers at our crib.

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Linda said...

You write well! Who knew that from Ashley's blog I could find more entertainment. Sounds like you are doing well, I miss seeing you and all of Ash's other college friends. Still will be visiting SB as Travis is a junior there now. I'm especially excited to be the FIRST poster! - Linda (Ashley's Mom) . . .also not an old fart.

Ashley said...

Yay Christopher! I'm so happy that you finally knocked one out... now I'll be bugging you to post a second entry. I'm curious to know how your KCRW interview went - I hope they can hook you up with some fun stuff to do! It seems like you would fit right in at that station (at least from the music I've heard). Good luck with your interview on Tuesday for the school district!

ps... How awesome is it that my mom commented (below)... oh Linda